General Cargo Steel Plates

General Cargo Steel Plates

For general cargo I.R.P. disposes of various types of waggons : i.e. two or four axle closed waggons for temperature sensitive goods, two and four axle platform waggons, waggons for dry bulk freight, bulk cargo waggons with discharge trough hoppers and side discharge, special waggons for wood- and paper cargo, waggons with sliding roofs for steel coils,...

If the railway companies don’t dispose of the right type of waggons, I.R.P. can charter the chosen type of waggon by specialized leasing companies. The kind of goods you wish to carry defines the type of waggon.

I.R.P. always has for you the appropriate solution for all your goods and products in Western Europe, in Eastern Europe and in the C.I.S. member countries. If there is no local railway connection, I.R.P. takes care of the pre- and on-carriage, transshipment and eventually the storage of your goods. By each supply we deliver a departure and receive notice; obviously we daily follow your waggons and on request we give you every day the exact position of the forwarding.

We call your special attention to our C.I.S. member countries service. The different railroad gauge and the deviant transport legislation are not a problem for I.R.P. ! Our experience of many years, our excellent agents network, our connections and our daily observance by our computer processing to the railway network are our winning cards and guarantee death certainly your goods arrive faultlessly and undamaged at any C.I.S. destination.

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